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In RUNWISE, we help clients go digitalized

and run wisely

Digital is eating the world. Digital is the world. 

We are dedicated toproviding a spectrum of services on digitalizations and innovations.


We focus on high-growth opportunities and partner with the most disruptive startups.


We help companies make digital changes and seize wise approaches to running business.


We provide access to all potential resources for innovators to explore diverse patterns of business development. 

on DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION we focusTraditional business models to be changed

  • In Runwise, we deem digital transformation to be the impetus most imperative driving a constant growth of every sector in the age of information, as well as of our clients.
  • According to the MIT Center for Digital Business, “Companies that have embraced digital transformation are 26 percent more profitable than their average industry competitors and enjoy a 12 percent higher market valuation.”
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we implant DIGITAL STRATEGY into practiceHelping to develop a digital sense

  • Digitalization is blurring the borders between sectors. For those incumbents from different industries, it is paramount to possess primarily the awareness of asking right questions and making key decisions.
  • We are precisely consultants specialized in enlightening a digital strategy thought. We are building lean solutions with high eligibility for our clients assisting to their first step in digitalization.
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we convey DIGITAL OPERATION how-tos to those trend-settersNew business, new methodology

  • The digital wave is pushing a variety of methodologies of higher efficiency and immediacy, such as digital marketing, growth-hacking, lean manufacturing, into the core operations of more and more corporations.
  • We help companies across all sectors transform the performance of their service and take advantages of new operational ways to enable a real-time, data-driven and result-oriented workflow.
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we turn DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY into business opportunitiesLooking ahead to the cutting-edge trends

  • Digital technology has been wielding a profound influence on the way businesses work and the way they relate to their employees during the recent decades. Those who embrace digital technology have got the opportunity to accelerate the evolution of their products.
  • By years of observation on the development of several territories of technology frontier (noticeably AI, neural networks, multiple realities, Big Data, IoT, etc.) Runwise have been acutely aware that the ways of interacting between people and world have to be revised.
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Our Products and PortfoliosWe provide digitalized business solutions for our clients from a multitude of sectors

Gong Xian Sheng(供鲜生)

One-stop fresh-food-supply platform for catering operators


Research community on digitalization and Internet Plus

ZKungfu Catering

Consulting and guidance on digital upgrading of classic brand in catering industry

Harmony Tech

Providing guidance and coordination on digitalization for the client

Latest product: Gong Xian Sheng(供鲜生)One-stop fresh-food-supply platform for catering operators