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As a digital innovation consultant 数字化创新顾问, you support corporate teams in their quest for new digital business opportunities. You inspire them with lean startup best practices and provide them with relevant tools and techniques. You are not only coaching this process, but you also contribute to the innovation journey from ideation to launch to 10X scale. Finally, you function as a sounding board for corporate entrepreneurs.

Together with the team, you start off by organizing a workshop to set the innovation scope with the innovation team of our client. Do we aim for disruptive innovation? What markets do we plan to address? Once the desired outcome has been defined, you help the client to form a team of entrepreneurial employees within their executives. In several months, you work with the teams from ideation, experiment to grow the new product.

The ultimate goal: all teams receive resources to launch their business concept as a corporate startup.

Desired Skills and Experience

Do you have a specific skill or passion you want to grow in? Great! Most consultants in our team started as a general innovation professional but choose to develop in a specific direction. For example Innovation Strategy, Lean Startup Management, Digital Product Design, Agile Organization Transformation, Growth Hacking, and etc.

  • 3+ years of relevant experience, preferably as an innovation consultant/business designer.
  • Combine a Next-Gen entrepreneurial attitude with interests in digital business or design thinking.
  • Have what it takes to thrive in our team: open mindset, working independently, as well as in a team.
  • Be flexible to jump from one case to the other.
  • Be fluent in Chinese, and English languages is a must-have asset.
  • A future-thinker, and generate new ideas with an innovative business model
  • Be great at Agile Project Management
  • Organize and facilitate creative workshops with executive teams
  • Be eager to learn and create something new
  • Be excellent to make clear presentations, and defend your opinion with confidence.

This position is Guangzhou-based with many business travels required.


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要申请此工作 请将您的详细情况发送到以下邮箱

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